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During these really trying times with covid, regards to jobs. It has become difficult. Some have lost their jobs and others have a difficult time supporting themselves as things are gone abit more expensive. So in solidarity to these home based business, I would like to offer support to them.


Decorative Disposable Paper Plates And Cups.

The unique and delicate design will add more color to your parties, weddings, braai’s.

R100 for a set of
20 Dinner plates
20 Side Plates
20 Tumblers

061 429 7521

Based in Lenasia



Farm Fresh cut cleaned and washed halaal chickens

Avail in 9 and 5 piece.
@ only *R53.50 a kg*

Fresh fillets *R58 a kg*
Leg quarters *R57 a kg*
Breast quarters *R57 a kg*
Pure chicken mince *R60 a kg*
Whole chicken *R52 a kg*


Free delivery in lenz (tnc apply)
(Deliveries in jhb can be arranged or a pick up Point)

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Jazakallahu Khayr ♥ Let’s show some love and support to these people ❤️

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Episode 113


Hope all my lovely readers are good and well alhamdulillah shukr. Maaf for being so delayed, I know I had said that by December 2020 this blog would be completed but unfortunately due to some setbacks it wasn’t close to possible and there are alot of lose ends that needs tying up.

Sorry for posting once in a blue moon, Insha Allah I’m going to try to be more constant but Insha Allah, here’s the long awaited post… Lemme know what do you’ll think!!!

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Big Homes And Even Bigger Hearts.


” I’m so so sorry.”

What does being sorry mean? You can apologize over and over but if your actions don’t change. Your words become meaningless. Sorry use to mean that you won’t do it again but today it just means, I messed up but I will try not to get caught next time. Many people say, but he apologized, he said sorry. Sorry doesn’t mean anything if the actions are the same. Remember your actions most definitely speak louder than words. No matter how many time some one can apologize, if their actions don’t change then the words ‘ I’m sorry ‘ becomes meaningless. To ask for forgiveness tho does not make anyone small and those who forgive each other, their hearts are really big. Remember no matter what you did, apologizing is the hardest thing to do, since you will have to lower your ego and pride.

As I was sobbing, there was a knock on our bed room door. I slipped in to our en suite bathroom to wash up as Zunaid went to open the door. To my surprise I heard his mother’s voice which gave me slight anxiety because I didn’t know what was next.

As I listened to a part of their conversation.

” Mum,” Zunaid asked, “ What are you doing here? I thought you left.”

Zunaid’s mum burst out crying saying, “ I’m so sorry Zunaid, I ruined everything. Please can you forgive me… I’ll be better. I really want to get to know Zainab *hiccup*”

Zunaid hugs his mother and says, “ Why mum? Why would you do that? “

Because, ” Zunaid’s mum says, ” We killing ourselves trying to be perfect and it’s making us insane and the worst part is that we not realizing that we hurting someone’s feelings with out actions.”

I rush out of the bath room as I take Zunaid’s mum in to my arms, hugging her.

Mum,” I say,” I forgive you mum.”

But why??” She asks

The reason I forgive you is because you are not perfect. You are imperfect and I am too. All humans are imperfect.” I say softly

Mum says, ” But how can you forgive me when I have treated you so badly?”

I smile and say, ” Because that’s what family do. They forgive each other. “

Everyone makes mistakes, if you can’t forgive others, don’t expect others to forgive you.

Episode 112

Shame And Regret

NAAILAH’S P. O. V ( Zunaid’s mum)

Rumors, false tales and obviously society. All 3 of them can make your life hell but unfortunately this is not about my life that turned in to hell.

The tales of mother in laws and daughter in law never getting along is the one thing I believed in. I’m old school, I didn’t even like my daughter in law. The day Zunaid married her, I literally planned ways for their marriage to end.

I know I was wrong and I’m still wrong… For the first time in my life I’m embarrassed about the outcome of my actions and the reason why is because of the same daughter in law I hated.


I was creeping through the house lightly as I wanted to eavesdrop on Zunaid and Zainab but when I got there I was the one surprised as I heard Zainab saying,I feel bad that I spoke out, she’s elder than me and I should have respected her. I should have just kept quiet. Allah would have rewarded me for being silent and patient. Maybe this is my test in this world. What if I failed by speaking up? “

I was so shocked that this girl that I hated so much, thinking she came to destroy my home was the one ashamed of standing up to me. The one thing she would have done, my own daughter flesh and blood wouldn’t have. My daughter swears and shouts at me like I’m the servant or below her and the one I have hated is treating me with more respect and dignity than my own daughter.

As I turn to leave, I hear Zunaid reply to her and I burst out crying in guilt and embarrassment as he said, Look at me Zainab, I know that you feel that you should not speak up but in a way she will soon realize that what she is doing is wrong. I know my mother. Right now she is being influenced by my sister but soon her eyes will open and I know you’ll will have an amazing relationship. Trust me. “

No matter how much I mistreated them, hurt them and hated them.. They still had a lingering hope of redemption for me and with that in mind I decided that I would lower my pride and apologize and beg forgiveness from both of them…

Asalamu alaikum

Hope all are well alhamdulillah ♥️Maaf for the delayed post, had writers block and was terribly busy…. I don’t like how this post came out but please let me know what you think


Episode 111

Standing up


Life throws at us certain challenges but we depend how we would handle it. We can either stand up or just sit down and let life pass by. People will critisize, insult, bully and try to bring you down at every turn. There would be hate stories which would be made believable but through all that you can only be the one to determine your way through it

I know I left everyone shocked downstairs but what could I do, I was tired of the way they treat me just because they heard things about me from someone that hates me. Jealousy is the biggest downfall of people. I don’t understand why people are jealous of what you have rather than being content with what they have.

Mike’s sister was the same rather than trying to fix her broken relationship with her parents, she completely shattered mines. That’s the things with lies, it can shatter trusts in just once second. I don’t even know how they believed her, she might have been a very professional liar.

Just as I was calming down, Zunaid enters the room and walks towards me as he pulls me towards him and wraps me in a hug

” I’m sorry babe, “ He apologizes profusely.

I smile as he hugs me tighter,” Don’t stress it out. I actually enjoyed standing up for myself. “

” Well, ” he murmurs,” I’m one proud husband and I’m happy you stood up for your self. “

” Even from your mother? ” I ask

” Jee, ” Was his reply

I know that his answer shouldn’t have made me happy but in a way it did. When ever I envisioned my relationship with my mother in law, it was always a good relationship I envisioned.

I sighed as I said,” I feel bad that I spoke out, she’s elder than me and I should have respected her. I should have just kept quiet. Allah would have rewarded me for being silent and patient. Maybe this is my test in this world. What if I failed by speaking up? “

Zunaid released me from his arms to hold my face as he said,” Look at me Zainab, I know that you feel that you should not speak up but in a way she will soon realize that what she is doing is wrong. I know my mother. Right now she is being influenced by my sister but soon her eyes will open and I know you’ll will have an amazing relationship. Trust me. “

I looked into his eyes filled with warmth and love and I realized that even if I had to go back and change something I wouldn’t because it made me who I am and I was given the right person at the right time.

Everything will always happen at the right time, and whatever happens in the past is in way helping you shape yourself to the person you have become.

السلام علیکم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Hope all my readers are good Alhamdulillah…. I know I disappeared for quite awhile but I was so busy with a lot of things, didn’t get a chance to just sit, relax and pen down a post…. Insha’Allah In the December i will try to pen down a few posts. Jazakallahu khayr for bearing with me. Please remember me in your duas.. ♥️

Let me know your thoughts on this Episode… Would really love to hear from all my readers ♥️❤️

وعليكم السلام

Episode 110

Blissfully happy


I often wondered what it would have felt like getting married to the one person destined for me and safe to say that nothing can take away the content and happiness I feel right now. Waiting patiently for the will of Allah to play out, only to be blessed with the best from Allah. Your patience will surely bare good fruits at the end. I know there are obviously people that want to get married.They about 26 or 27 both for a guy and girl, they just need to have alot of patience for Allah alone knows when it’s their time to find the other half of them. Never rush to get married because others are, whether they younger than you or older. Don’t just settle down for the sake of settling and because of all the pressure. Wait for the will of Allah to play out and I know that he will grant you the best.

As I gazed down at Zainab who was fast asleep, looking so peacefully I knew the patience that I had has borne its fruits. Zainab and I might argue or fight but I know that this is the one person I would never give up on.

Just as I lifted my eyes to check the time, Zainab stretched and woke up.

Asalaamualaikum, “ I greeted Zainab smiling.

ZAINAB’S cheek dusted with a light blush replied,” Wa’alaikum Us Salaam. “

I asked jokingly,” How are you feeling on this beautiful day? “

I’m feeling refreshed and what about you? “ Zainab asked shyly

I laugh and the blush on Zainabs cheeks deepen. Zainab and I decided last night that we will have our honeymoon in my house here, and Zahraa will stay the week with Bilaal and Rubina. As Zay and I got ready for the day ahead of us, my doorbell rang.

I went ahead to answer it as Zay was in the bathroom. Sometimes the harsh realities of life come knocking on our door and all we can do is stare it in its face.

As I opened the door my mother and sister were on the other side. Taahira smirked at me as she entered, eyes flying everywhere in search and I knew in search of what or in this case who. My mother walked into the house but as soon as we heard footsteps behind us my mother’s eyes shot there. Luckily I’m one guy who has good reflexes but as soon as my mother saw Zainab she rushed towards her with her hands raised… I rushed towards Zainab as I stood in front as my mother’s hand came in contact with my cheek hard… Im sure a hand print would be visible.

Taahira gasped from the doorway as she nastily said, “ This is all your fault Zainab… Look what you made mum do to Zunaid“. I Slipped my fingers through Zays as I squeezed in comfort.

I replied gently, “ Listen her both mum and Taahira. I don’t know what you’ll think would happen by creating this scene in my house besides disgusting me. Leave us alone. You both are no longer welcome her.”

” Oh really Zunaid, are you going to forget the mother who gave birth to you after getting married to this family breaker and home wrecker? “Mum angrily said.

Zay gasped behind me as she heard the words being spewed out of my mother’s mouth but was surprised me the most is Zay coming to stand in between my mother and I

” I’m sorry mum, “ she says softly,” I know you feel betrayed and upset and mostly hurt. Zunaid didn’t mean to hurt you, he really thought you would have welcomed me in to your house and in your heart, “ She pauses,” I know maybe you don’t know me at all and we have never met but may I ask where have you got this horrible information about me from? “ She asks confidently

My mother looks shocked as she utters,” Taahira has told me some stuff. “

Both Zay and I turned to look at Taahira when Zay burst out laughing,” Oh my word! This entire time I really wondered how you could hate me mum without meeting me or knowing me. I should have known Taahira would have filled your ears with nonsense. I’m tired of people believing Taahira’s crap and being nasty to me and Zahraa. Zahraa is just a child, what was her fault even. I’m sorry I don’t know what else to say. Asalaamualaikum. “

Zainab turns around and goes back into the bedroom, leaving us stunned but as for myself I felt proud of her for standing up for herself.

Mum looked ashamed and left soon after and Taahira followed her out.

I knew these were going to be our tests in this world. As Yaqub عليه السلام said, ” Patience is beautiful.” So imagine the fruits we would gain by remaining patient.

Asalaamualaikum hope everyone is well alhamdulillah shukr…. Im So sorry I didn’t post for ages. I had writers block and I had no time literally. I have been just so busy.. Insha’Allah make dua for me… Hope you enjoy the above post.. Let me know what you think

Episode 109

First Meeting


I always wondered what it would feel like after getting married the Sunnah way and I feel content and peaceful. I know that this is like the first time I am actually experiencing the whole butterfly thing or nervousness. The more I sat alone, the more I felt like running away. As Apa Rubz fixed my scarf and Zahraa who is already dressed has been playing around.

Just then there was a knock on my door and Bilaal saying, “ Rubz can Zunaid come through.”

Just as Bilaal said that, the butterflies came back worst than before. I was so nervous that I couldn’t even lift my head up to look at Apa Rubz. I heard the door open and footsteps exit and I saw a pair of shoes come in to the room.

As Zahraa saw him she ran to him and hugged him. Zunaid went on to one knee and said, ” Asalaamualaikum Princess.”

Zahraa was so excited and happily said, ” Wa’alaikum Us Salaam Daddy.” As she launched herself in his arms wrapping her around his neck.

Princess,Will you go with Apa Rubz for awhile, I would like to speak to mum about something?”asked Zunaid quietly.

Zahraa’s answer to Zunaid was running out into Bilaal’s hand making Apa Rubz pout and Zunaid to chuckle softly. As they left, Zunaid stood up and closed the door, locking it. I think the nervousness and butterflies made me kind of nauseous. I was having a difficult time.

As Zunaid turned around, he smiled and said, “Asalaamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu, How are you Zainab?”

Wa’alaikum Us Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu, I’m good alhamdulillah and you? “I replied shyly.

Zunaid chuckled and said,” I’m good alhamdulillah, so am I allowed to sit or should I just stand here? “

I blushed as I said more shy than more,” You can sit down I didn’t mean to be so rude. “

Zunaid laughed as he came to sit down next to me so much so that I could feel him.

Zunaid looked at me and said,” It’s just me Zainab, no need to be nervous. ” He took my hand as he rubbed circles as I calmed down.


As Zainab calmed down, I really looked at her. She was amazingly beautiful. I see a light blush cover her cheeks as she realized I’m staring at her.

Zainab looks towards me and says, “ Zunaid, I’m scared. We got married but the taunts are still going to be there. I’m tired of them and I know Zahraa is too… I hear her crying in her room sometimes. It’s heartbreaking.”

Don’t stress baby, We going for Umrah and since Khadija is in Medina and just gave birth, we will go see her and once we come back. We will be moving to U. K. “ I pause,” We will start an entire new life there. Just you, me, Zahraa and our future kids. Oh right before I forget would you mind if I legally adopt Zahraa as my own. I have a lawyer and it will be done as soon as possible. “

Zainab covered her face with her hands as she quietly sobbed,” I would love that Zunaid, I think Zahraa already takes to you as a daughter should to a father. Maybe in the future, we can tell her about her father but only if you ok with that. “

I smiled as I pulled her into my arms,” I would love that babes, I know one day she would ask of her father and I would tell her everything we know. It’ll be her decision to treat me as her father than and I will not force anything on her. “

Zainab hugs me tightly as she whispers thank you. Once she lets go, she tries to wipe the tears so I help her out. I kiss her forehead and pull her into my arms.

So babes, “ I tease,” Why did you agree so quickly to marry me? “

” Because, “She blushes,” I couldn’t wait any longer, it was torture. “

I laugh loudly and say,” Me too babes, me too. “

As we laughed and spoke, I realized that this here was my own blessing in disguise. Never lose hope because things always work out for themselves. You just have to trust the almighty Allah.

Episode 108

Rushed Nikaah


Sometimes some of the most poisonous people come disguised as family. I don’t know what people get out of bringing others down especially spreading rumors known to hurt others. The fact that even tho I want to protect the people I have come to love, I can’t because it’s me against the entire society. How is that even fair for one person to fight an entire society for what is right?

I was so tired that I decided to get married as early as possible if Zainab agreed as well as do all the necessary paperwork to officially move to the U. K. No judgements, no pleasing society. I know atleast Zainab and Zahraa can walk down a street without the normal society bullying.

I picked up my phone as I called Bilaal

“Asalaamualaikum howzt bro?. “ Was his reply on answering

I replied by saying,” Wa’alaikum Us Salaam, Alhamdulillah shukr and you bro? “

Bilaal replies,” I’m good alhamdulillah shukr, ” He pauses for a minute before continuing,” Khadija gave birth to a lovely girl, they named her Zineerah. We leaving this weekend to go see her and my little niece. I’m so excited to hold that little girl in my arms. “

I reply happily knowing once upon a time Khadija was a close friend of mind,” Mubarak to you and the family. Tell ml I said Mubarak and May she be the coolness of her parents eyes. Any ways I’m calling for a little favor. “ I say nervously.

” Well bro, “He began,” What’s up? “

I start by saying,” Would you perhaps consider asking Zainab to make Nikaah today? “

Bilaal is quiet for awhile and then bursts out laughing as he says,” I wondered how long you would have lasted since you could have made Nikaah the day she said yes. “

I sigh and say,” I’m just so tired of her dealing with all the taunts, abuse and bullying. After we marry and the paperwork is done, we moving to the U. K and since your sister gave birth I was thinking of taking Zainab and Zahraa to see her, since I know they like Besties and all. “ I laugh slightly.

Bilaal laughs slightly and says,” Well aren’t you a romantic one!? Seriously tho you moving to U. K? One of my options is U. K too. Actually it’s my only option and since you moving U. K, I Guess Rubina also won’t feel like she’s a stranger in a strange land. ”

I ask quietly,” So will you ask your wife to ask Zainab, if she’s ready to go through with it today? “

” Well, “ Bilaal teases,” What are you going to give me for doing this favor for you?”

I laugh as I say, ” Whatever you want, reasonable things tho please. Last time you asked for a trip to the moon like seriously dude.”

Bilaal laughs out loud and says, ” Whatttt!!!!! That was a reasonable thing to ask for. I’m still waiting for this trip to the moon.”

“In your dreams, ” I scoff

Bilaal smirks,” Now Now Mr. Zunaid no need for the high and mighty attitude. Consider your work done. “

I sigh in relief,” Jazakallah bro. I’m nervous you know that. “

Bilaal quietly says,” Who isn’t nervous. We think we the only one that gets nervous but bro girls are no less nervous than us. They think we don’t get nervous so I think it goes hand in hand. Let me go know and see what Rubina can do. Take care. Asalaamualaikum. “

I reply to his Salaam as the call cuts.


I don’t think I have ever felt this kind of bliss in my life although I hear all the taunts but as soon as I see Bilaal, it feels worth it. I know Bilaal doesn’t like it especially when we together and he hears them, he tenses and anger flashes in his eyes and I have to somehow calm him down.

I feel arms wrap around me tightly and I lean back to the chest behind me. I felt so lucky to have Bilaal as my husband

I sigh in contentment as I sigh, “ Hey Babe.”

Bilaal kisses my head and says, “Babe I have a really huge favor to ask from you.”

“And what is this favour you ask of? ” I smile contentedly

” Would you be able to find out if Zainab wants to get married today? “Bilaal asks

I turned excitedly to look at Bilaal and said,” I can do that right now. “

I left Bilaal’s arms and went to phone Zainab


I came back from a morning of shopping with a heavy heart and pain for all the ridiculous things being said about me and Zahraa, I can’t protect Zahraa because I am just one person. The days that Zunaid takes Zahraa out I feel at ease. I know then her childhood would not be as terrible as I made it out to be

Just then my phone rang and I picked it up saying, ” Asalaamualaikum.”

“Wa’alaikum Us Salaam Zay, ” Replied Rubina

I smiled as I asked her,” Howzt? What made you think of me, “ I said teasingly.

The reply that came out was,” I’m good alhamdulillah shukr and you? Well I got good news for you Miss. “

” I’m good alhamdulillah shukr. ” I paused,” What good news? “

Rubina excitedly says,” Zunaid was wondering if it’s Ok if you’ll can get married today. So are you ready? You know he won’t force you. “

It left me breathless as I said,” Yes, I’m Ready Ruby. I don’t want to wait any longer.

Ruby squeals as she’s says she’s coming over to get me ready. Which I deliberately roll my eyes at but really excited knowing that I have made a family here and I would do anything for them.


Just as I was getting restless, Bilaal calls me back informing me that Zainab has agreed and I will be getting married today. Bilaal also told me that he will also sort everything out today.

He also told me that he is going to be Zainab’s wali and Yunus and Rubina’s father as witnesses. I was over the moon enjoyed.

Few hours later as I sat in the masjid and I said the words that binded me in to marriage with Zainab, I felt bliss like no other.

Marriage is really the only way two hearts can meet. I realized that now.

Episode 107

Family of three


From the moment they placed you in my arms, you snuggled right into my heart.

It was an amazing feeling holding my baby for the first time and as I gazed down at Zineerah, I realized that even after I had drifted away from Allah, even after I had sinned he still blessed me with an amazing husband and an equally amazing daughter. These will always be my blessings. Sometimes I would think and feel so guilty about the things I had done. But right now that was the furthest thing from my mind as I looked at this little blessing in my arm.

Well the most adorable moment was when Uwais held our little girl in his arms for the first time. Tears rolled down his cheek as he placed a kiss on her forehead and whispered, ” You are our blessing, Princess.”

In that moment I finally realized why it never worked out with anyone before him. This man here was destined to be mine. A way to help me. I realized that with another person I would not have been as happy as I am with Uwais. I know we argue and fight but which couple doesn’t. At the end of the day we know our love for each other is more stronger than the temptation shaytaan tries to insert between a husband and wife.

As I trailed my finger down Zineerah’s cheek, I heard the door open quietly and shut.

I looked up as Uwais settled on the bed next to me and kissed my forehead as well as our little princess who by the way already has her father wrapped around her small finger even as tiny as she is.

” How are you feeling now Babe? ” Uwais asked gently

I sighed contentedly and replied,” Babe I feel happy, peaceful and content all because of this blessing sent to us. “

” Can you even believe she’s here? I can’t believe it. It’s like I’m living a dream. ” Uwais sighs next to me.

” I love you Uwais, I’m blessed to have someone like you as my husband, ” I say shyly,” I’m glad Allah sent me you even after I have committed lots of sin. I feel so blessed with all the blessings Allah has sent to me. There will be days when things will be bad but the good will always over shadow it. “

Uwais hums in agreement and winks at me saying,” So tell me babes I’m a blessing to you? “ I blush as I lower my head down.” Don’t hide Khadija, I love it when you blush because I know I’m the one that caused it and that makes me immensely happy. You my world babes and I’m glad Allah has sent me you as a blessing to me too. “

Uwais wraps his arm around my shoulder as I melt into his side in contentment. I know Its almost going to be 2 years Uwais and I are married but truth be told, I still get shy as I did the first time I met Uwais after I we got married. I think Uwais likes that alot, making me blush but I would not like it any other way.

It was just Uwais and I but now add in two tiny feet and it feels as if our family is completed and our hearts. I don’t know what’s in store for us in the future or how many other children we will have but our family has been a blessing that I’m ever grateful to Allah for being here for me even after I strayed away from the right path.


Hope everyone has had an amazing ramadhan and eid. I know I haven’t posted in a while after ramadhan, I guess I had a bit of writers block and no inspiration but I typed this out as soon as I could for all my bloggers… Let me know how you enjoyed this post.♥️♥️♥️

This is for everyone that wanted a post of Uwais ad Khadija, Here you go… Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ♥️♥️♥️


Wa’alaikum Us Salaam ♥

Episode 106

السلام علیکم و رحمة الله و بركاته 🌷

How is everyone doing? I know I’m not a constant poster and I just want to thank you all for bearing with me. I know sometimes I post like after few months and I admit sometimes I’m so busy and sometimes I have writers block Insha’Allah I’ll try to be regular. There will be one post before ramadhan Insha’Allah and I won’t be posting till after ramadhan. Well I would really like to know which are your favorite couples?

*Bilaal And Rubina

*Taahir And Rehana

*Uwais And Khadija

And which Couple did you prefer between the two…

*Bilaal And Zaahira

*Bilaal And Rubina

I can’t wait to know which are your favorites… I’m so excited right now.

Well let’s go to today’s post Insha’Allah. Binte Mahmood this post is for you 🌹

Bundle Of Joy…..


Ameerul Mumineen Umar Ibnul Khattab رضي الله عنه, the second khalifa of Islam has said, “ Let not your love become attachment, nor your hate become destruction.”

I remember when Mika’eel passed away and Apa Rubeena would take me to these youth programs, one of them really caught my heart and mind if you may say it that way. It really was about halal and haraam love. I guess before that I didn’t really think about it. I mean to me love was the same whether it was before or after marriage but I guess my ideologies were all wrong. I wondered how people went through arrange marriages when they didn’t know a single thing about each other. I guess now I realized how wrong I was because what I felt out of marriage is completely different to how it feels now. Before it was completely baseless. I didn’t know whether we would marry or how always worrying there will be someone other than me for him, which was true but regardless it was neither her fault nor my fault. The fault lied with him

As I was making breakfast, Uwais wraps his arm around even with my big belly which is going to pop soon.

“What’s this beautiful mind thinking about again? ” Uwais murmurs in my ears.

I blush prettily which I hope so and said,” Well Mike and marriage. ” Not really thinking my answer through when Uwais’s arm stiffened knowing Uwais is getting the wrong idea,” Oh no Uwais, I didn’t mean it like that. I meant how baseless our love was, I mean lucky he died when he did because I really got a true friend out of Zainab. I was also thinking about halal and haraam love. I also realized that I love the halal love better. I just wish Nazir didn’t have to go through what his going through but I guess it’ll play out itself. ” I correct him noticed his arms relaxing.

Uwais sighs in relief and says,” Well I really relieved to hear that. Sometimes I think you still love him and I am just second choice. “

I turn around so fast that Uwais arms slip away from me as I glare at him,” UWAIS SALOOOJEE. HOW CAN YOU EVEN THINK THAT? I LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU. IT’S LIKE MIKA’EEL NEVER EVEN EXISTED FOR ME. ” I say raising my voice gently even though I am beyond upset.

Uwais smirks lightly before it drops as he says,” I know that Khadija baby but sometimes it comes to mind. I trust you and I know that you didn’t love Mika’eel before but can we agree from now never to speak about him please? I’m a very jealous person and it seems very possessive even if you think of another man besides me. ” He looks down in shame as I wrap my hand around his waist hugging him

” Babe you hot when you jealous, “ I murmur shyly, blushing.

Uwais laughs lightly as he says,” Oh you think so! Hmmm I think I’m hot too. “

” Seriously Uwais?, “ I say quietly.

Uwais Hums and he says,” I’m teasing Babe… You the most beautiful women I have ever seen. “

I get upset when he says that and I say,” Then you should go hug the other women that you have seen, “ I mutter angrily. I try getting out of his arms but my efforts are fruitless

Babe stop. I have never looked at another women. It was a manner of speaking. You like a diamond among all the stones.” He paused and says, ” Wait Babe, are you jealous?” he says quietly.

I blush hard and say, “No I don’t get jealous.”

“I believe you Honey,” He says while chucking.

“What time are Abba and Ummi come today.?” I ask

He looks at the watch and says, “At 10 Babe Insha’Allah. I can’t wait to see them after long. Although it’s just a few weeks.”

“OH NO, “ I mutter

” What’s wrong Babe? “

I reply,” I think my water just broke Uwais. “

Uwais pulls away quickly as he looks at my face confirming what i say with a nod. Uwais and I rush to dress quickly as he takes the hospital bag. I stop at Nazirs room and knock lightly

” Come in”

“hey bro”

“What’s up? “ He asks

I reply quickly,” I was going to make breakfast but I’m going hospital. My waters broke so make dua and when Uwais’s parents get here please open for them. “

I rush out as Uwais and I leave for the hospital. When we reach the hospital, I’m in so much pain already that after being prepped. The doctor says it’s time. After two long hours I give birth to a little girl who Insha’Allah will be the coolness of both mine and Uwais’s eyes.

After awhile Uwais gives the azaan in her ear and sweetens her mouth with kajoor. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and says.

“This will be our little Angel Zineerah. “


السلام علیکم و رحمة الله و بركاته 🌷

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So I had a few ideas, I was planning to end this blog soon Insha’Allah before the end of the year if Allah wills.

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After I do finish this blog would you’ll like maybe a few epilogues or just end it one time with the last episode.

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May Allah keep each and everyone safe from this Pandemic Aameen.


Love, Betrayal And Lies🌸